How It Works

Luxababy makes online dating easy. We will get you more dates with sweet sugar babies from across the globe in a matter of minutes to secure a fast connection


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Signing up for Luxababy

It’s free and easy to create your profile on Luxababy. There is no obligation and you are free to cancel your account at any time. Your information is safe and secure with us and we do not sell personal information to third parties. View our privacy policy to see how your data is treated. Once you have cancel your account, all your information is erase. Start making connections now by compiling your profile.

Compiling your Profile

The purpose of your luxababy profile is to pique the interest of your Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy so that you can start an arrangement.
Therefore, to write an irresistible Luxababy online profile, make sure that your profile name and heading grab attention. Instead of telling a story in your profile summary, try painting a picture so that your potential Sugar Baby can have a visual connection. Don’t forget to include a picture of yourself to show that you are enjoying a relaxed life.



To start making a connection, filter your specifications either by age, location, or ethnicity. All our Sugar Babies that match your criteria will appear. Choose your match then send a message right from your profile page. Remember that you can choose as many Sugar Babies as you like.


Your Luxababy Arrangement

What’s an arrangement? A dating arrangement on Luxababy is like entering a business contract that has terms and conditions. For yourrelationship to be successful you need to state from the beginning of an arrangement what you need and what you are expecting. By doing so, both parties understand and agree on what will be given and what should be expected.


Who is a Sugar Daddy? Who is a Sugar Baby?