Who is a Sugar Baby?

Who is a Sugar Baby?

A Sugar Baby is a usually a young woman who chooses to have a relationship or rather seeks arrangement with older mature and wealthy men to fulfill her financial needs or as an added supplement to her lifestyle.

There are different types of Sugar Babieson Luxababy,that all have different needs, to choose from.For example, we have:

College Sugar Babies –Our college Sugar Babies are on top of our list. They are sweet, intelligent and classy students. Their specific goal is to have a debt free education so they have no attachment relationships and spend quality time with their Sugar Daddies.


Business Minded Sugar Babies -Yes, we have Sugar Babies who are just as business focused as their Sugar Daddies. They are executives, and young entrepreneurs who love to keep themselves up to date on latest business happenings. They find that having a Sugar Daddy is an ideal opportunity to network with people of their caliber as well as reap the benefits of a Sugar Baby lifestyle.


Caretaker Sugar Baby – She is a young and beautiful single mom.Family is very important to her. She needs a Sugar Daddy who can appreciate a single mom who is willing to go the distance for her child. She has all the qualities of a Sugar Baby and will make any Sugar Daddy happy with her care-taking attitude.


SmallTown Sugar Baby – She’s a darling. Sincere and sweet. She will comfort her Sugar Daddy after a hard day’s work. She is truly genuine and provides genuine companionship. She appreciates the smallest of gifts and will treat her Sugar Daddy like a king.


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