Who is Sugar Daddy?

Who is a Sugar Daddy?

A Sugar Daddy is an affluent man, usually business-minded, that finds the company of younger women to be more comfortable and more pleasurable. Other attributes are:


A Sugar daddy is an experienced man, both in life and in relationships. He is intimate and shows tenderness when he’s with his Sugar Baby.

Wealthy & Successful

A Sugar Daddy is a wealthy and successful gentleman who is business minded. Although he is always busy maintaining his finances, he still makes time for his Sugar Baby.


He will tell his Sugar Baby like it is. A Sugar Daddy is straightforward and doesn’t play mind games.


A Sugar Daddy like to have a good time that is why he needs a Sugar Baby arrangement with someone who can let him have the time of his life.

Has Time for Sugar

A Sugar Daddy values his relationship with his Sugar Baby so he makes sure that he spends quality time with her.


Because he is older, he is a better companion. Of course, he knows a lot, he has seen the world, he is more tolerant, more affectionate, warmer, and kinder.

Moral Support

Sugar Daddy provides moral support for his Sugar Baby with her dreams and aspirations. He is a shoulder to lean on and he is attentive and compassionate.


A Sugar Daddy is responsible.His Sugar Baby doesn’t have to worry about breach of their arrangement because a Sugar Daddy lives up to his responsibilities.